100% intent detection


I would like one of my intents to be detected in 100% of the case regardless the core and or nlu trainings, more like a signal. Does someone know how to do that ?

Depending on your domain and training data, I would expect you can get nearly 100% with one of the predefined NLU pipelines. However, you could also write your own custom NLU component.

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Hi @stephens

Thanks for your answer and sorry for late reply, Happy New Year ! I’ll go through custom NLU component as I don’t see how it could help for now.

Meanwhile, do you think a word-based trigger would be possible to implement ? Meaning, each time there is word i.e. “research” in the user input text, rasa passes through a specific custom function ?



Hi @zerotrope,

depending on your setup, you could use the Keyword Classifier which should be at 100% - but keep in mind that there would be a trade off regarding the flexibility.

I would go with @stephens answer instead and try to make the data robust against my case.


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