Working with multi choice questions on FB Messenger

Hello everyone, How do you deal with multiple choice questions on facebook? We rotate the question until user clicks on show next question, however we are incorporating some nuances there like combination of answers for example

Do you have any special diet?
- Non Dairy
- Gluten Free
- Nut Allergy
- None of these

Now the user can click one of them as buttons on facebook, then we ask the question again until specified. However they can type, i am only gluten free which means we shouldn’t repeat the question or they can say I take non dairy food and i eat gluten free in this case as well, we cannot repeat the question as the user has specified. How do you deal with such question.Our idea was to simply create intents for such and tag the entities and see if it can fit on words such as only, just etc… so we know the user wont be answering this question and skip the repeat. Any thoughts??