Why slots shows none even I have given input

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Hello everyone, I am facing an error, In that chatbot firstly I am trying to get some useful details like first name, last name, age, disease symptoms on the basis of that I have to predict disease. Currently not deploying any model there simply want to save conversation details in a slot and print it final reply but shows null value. Help me to solve this.

Hi @akashrajk54. Are you not getting any of the slots filled or is it regarding specific slots?

Hello @Juste, I am uploading here a screenshot of cmd. Here you can see none values are where should be first name, last name, age, and symptom there but shows none values. all files are uploaded please check and help me.

you’re using slot_mappings correctly?

hello @UlisesVD I could not understand what want to say.

here is my domain file.

action file

nlu file

stories file

Hi @akashrajk54. One thing I see is that you have very little examples in your NLU data. I would suggest adding more examples to the first_name intent and including more diverse examples like:

- My name is [x](name)
- I am [y](name)

Same applies to the intent surname

Overall, these entities are hard to extract that’s why you would need a lot of training examples to achieve good results. Also, you should consider using SpaCy’s pre-built entity extraction component which should help you extract names better.

Another suggestions is to use duckling for extracting numbers (age).

Try to put more data examples and if it doesn’t work check FormAction instead of using Action in your actions.py

Thanks a lot, @Juste for your suggestions. Actually, that time wants to just connect rasa with the database, python model, and work only. So now I will add more examples there and train it. and this error is coming because of my symptom slots. Actually, symptom slots have to copy ‘Passing much less urine’,‘Bleeding from any body part’,‘Feeling extremely lethargic/weak’ all these from user input ans my rasa model can’t so i was getting error there and i changed it to just like “passing” so that slot can copy it and at least work and work it fine but i need that to copy all the user inputs can you help me how slot can copy all the sentence of symptom.

like if a user gives an input of symptom as the example given below: ‘Passing much less urine’,‘Bleeding from any body part’,‘Feeling extremely lethargic/weak’

then how should I have to copy it to slot??? BCS when I copy it like “symptom = slot” then it shows none.

Thanks for your reply actually there is a problem with symptom slot copying.

I was try to copy whole sentence into a slot and it copies none. So please tell me how can i copy the whole sentence into a slot. like below sentence.

‘Passing much less urine’, ‘Bleeding from any body part’, ‘Feeling extremely lethargic/weak’

@akashrajk54 If you would like to set an entire user input as a slot, you can do that by using a custom slot to store free form text. You can find more details about it in this thread.