Why 'rasa x' command formats some files?

Hi all, After running ‘rasa train’ command, some diffs occurs in the following files.


When i check the differences, it seems that items in the files ordered alphabetically. But in my team partners computer, ‘rasa train’ does not create those diffs at all.

➜  python --version
Python 3.7.3
➜  rasa --version
Rasa 1.0.9

mac os : 10.13.6

I have no idea what is going on.

Do you have any idea which causes this different behavior?


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what are the differences?

Orders of array items are changed. First i thought that it is ordering the items under arrays, but while replying i realized that there is no deterministic behavior.

Following lines are from git diff’s output.

 ## intent:mood_great
 - perfect
-- very good
 - great
+- very good
 - amazing
 - wonderful
 - I am feeling very good

it is training data file, the order there is not important

Sorry, it was rasa x.