Why are all slot-events carried-over at action_session_start?

Hi there,

I’m using rasa open source 1.10.14 with MongoDB as TrackerStore and an external action-server (NestJS). I’m having trouble with the action-payload getting bigger and bigger due to the events in the tracker(store).

I only have very short stories because I’m implementing control-commands for a device. To clean up my tracker after every interaction and reduce the amount of events sent to the action-server I appended “action_session_start” to the end of all my stories. As I need to keep the slot-values for the next iteration I have “carry_over_slots_to_new_session” enabled in domain. But due to this all the old slot-events are copied over at each session-start. So the slot-events are still growing and growing and payload for action-server keeps on getting bigger over time.

This behaviour seems to be intendet regarding the implementation in actions.py here. What’s the point in copying all the old slot-events at session-start instead of just copying the latest values of the slots (e.g. from trackerstore.slots)?

Maybe my approach for reducing the amount of events sent to the action-server isn’t the best? I found a few topics regarding limiting the amount of events sent to the action-server but I didn’t really find an answer there.

Kind regards Dennis