Which ports does rasa use?


Which ports does rasa use for server integration?

Hey @uuu789, could you be more specific? What and how would you like to integrate with Rasa? In general, you can specify the port in some common use cases such as when wanting to expose a Rasa Open Source server or a custom actions server on a specific port (see rasa run --help/rasa run actions --help)


I have 2 servers. one of them has rasa installed and the other one has web service provider (Nginx). I want to integrate the chatbot into Microsoft teams.

  • While filling in the “http:// < host > : < port > / webhooks/ botframework /webhook” information during integration, I write the ip address of the server with Nginx for the host, is this correct? What should I write for the port?
  • Do I need to make any other changes to the server where Rasa is located?
  • Also, which ports need to be open for two servers to communicate with each other?