when i send the request "eslat honaga borish vaqt 18.05.23 10:00:00" i don't get any response how do i fix it?

I developed an action that sets a reminder on the calendar using Uzbek language data. However, the message I send goes to the action server, but it doesn’t receive it, and nothing happens, you can see the logs below:

  • Received user message ‘eslat honaga borish vaqt 18.05.23 10:00:00’ with intent ‘{‘name’: ‘add_event’, ‘confidence’: 0.9999980926513672}’ and entities ‘[{‘entity’: ‘event’, ‘start’: 6, ‘end’: 19, ‘confidence_entity’: 0.996776282787323, ‘value’: ‘honaga borish’, ‘extractor’: ‘DIETClassifier’, ‘processors’: [‘EntitySynonymMapper’]}, {‘entity’: ‘time’, ‘start’: 25, ‘end’: 42, ‘confidence_entity’: 0.9996615648269653, ‘value’: ‘18.05.23 10:00:00’, ‘extractor’: ‘DIETClassifier’}]’ 2023-05-17 20:19:26 DEBUG rasa.core.processor - Current slot values: event: None time: None requested_slot: None session_started_metadata: None

I couldn’t find how to fix this


It appears that your action for setting a reminder on the calendar is not functioning as expected, and you’re not receiving any response when sending the request “eslat honaga borish vaqt 18.05.23 10:00:00.” There could be several reasons for this issue. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the problem:

Check your action server setup: Ensure that your action server is properly configured and running. Verify that the server is reachable and there are no errors or exceptions in the server logs.

Debug your action code: Review the code for your action that handles setting reminders on the calendar. Double-check that it’s correctly implemented and that there are no logical errors or exceptions occurring during the execution. You can add print statements or log messages in your action code to track the flow and identify any issues.

Verify the communication between Rasa and the action server: Confirm that Rasa is successfully sending the request to the action server. Check the logs of your Rasa server to see if there are any error messages or warnings related to the communication with the action server.

Test the action server independently: Try running your action server separately and send a test request to it directly, without involving Rasa. This will help determine if the issue lies with the action server itself or the integration with Rasa.

Check for language-related issues: Make sure that the language data you’re using for processing Uzbek language is correctly installed and loaded in your Rasa setup. Ensure that the language data supports the specific functionality you’re trying to implement, such as setting reminders on the calendar.

Review Rasa configuration and training data: Double-check your Rasa configuration file (e.g., config.yml) and training data to ensure they are correctly set up for your use case. Ensure that the intent and entity definitions are accurate and match the examples you’re testing with.

Consult the Rasa community: If you’ve tried the above steps and are still experiencing issues, consider seeking help from the Rasa community. The Rasa Forum (https://forum.rasa.com/) is a great place to ask questions, share your problem in detail, and get assistance from the community and Rasa experts.

I hope the information helps you.