When Does New Story Kicks In?

Good day everyone! So, a user starts with Hi…utter_greeting. The conversation goes down the happy/sad path and the request is fulfilled…and they both say goodbyes.

Now, if the user says hi again, a new story is started right?

What happens if in the middle of a current story…before the goodbyes (as defined in the story) were uttered, the user says hi? Would the bot recalibrate and restart again?

I ask this because I imagine users can start a conversation and forget to ‘fulfill’ it.

And then, before the session closes, come back to say hi again.

Rephrased, if a user goes off the tangent in the midst of a story path and then utter a word like “Hello”, would that count as the beginning of a new conversation?

Secondly, I am so new to this whole stuff (like couple of days new), so, forgive me if these questions are so weird and naive.

I have watched quite a few videos on Rasa and I kept hearing “the bot can learn…and do better next time”. This concept is not clear to me however. I understand that i have to manually go over the user-generated conversations and re-input/submit them via Rasa-X to be retrained. If I have to manually add stories, where is the “learn by itself coming from?” Or am I missing something?

Thanks for your help!!!

Hello @wale,

this subject we call digressions, the polices take care of this.

For a better understanding please check the policies section on docs, specifically:


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Thanks for your response. Will take a look. And oh, Doc…How come we are still stuck in 1955? Do your magic, press your button, one point two one jigowatts style and get us out of here!


I’m not in 1955, I’m already in 2029, I just installer a flux capacitor on my network so I can send messages Back From the Future! :wink:

Good for you Doc…stay there. Better still, start working on a Rocket next. You would need it for the Mars shot. Trust us this time Doc.