What’s the recommended approach to handle follow-up intents or contextual questions?

Hi all This is my first post. Pardon me if it is being little long.

I have been using Rasa to develop chatbots in my organization for the last one year. With this amazingly documented framework and the community of enthusiasts who are offering their best solutions, a beginner like me was able to successfully build and deploy chatbots for our different clients. Currently I am working on enhancing our existing bot and make it more intelligent.

So one of the challenges we are facing is how to handle follow up intents or a question based on any context.

I am working on an HR bot and below depicts the problem

Suppose if a user comes and asks about company’s leave policy the bot would be uttering about different leaves such as paternity, maternity or sick leaves.

Then the user could ask more details about maternity and bot should give a proper response. Then if the user asks how she can avail it? then bot should understand that it’s about the maternity leave and should give a proper response.

Similarly I currently have a set of parent intents and based on the response provided for these intents there might be many sub intents.

It would be really helpful if anyone could give some insights on this problem. I have tried knowledge base chatbot but there are many occasions where the follow up intent query could be co-referencing the previous message

Thanks in advance. Please let me know if anymore information is needed

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