What is the "URL of the exposed RabbitMQ service" for my Rasa X deployment?

I am trying to import conversations from Rasa Open Source (running on one machine) to Rasa-X, running on another. I am trying to follow the steps detailed here: Deploy Your Assistant

Since I don’t have any tracker set up in my Rasa Open Source, it is using the default InMemoryTrackerStore. The following steps are confusing:

~~> Now go to your Rasa Open Source deployment and note down the following values used in your Rasa tracker store: the database username, the database password and the name of the database.

Where do I find these values? In what file? In endpoints.yml? And if I am using InMemoryTrackerStore, then what should my values be?


I figured this out. You can set the tracker_store type to anything like “default” or “inmemory” and it will say:

UserWarning: Tracker store with type ‘default’ not found. Using InMemoryTrackerStore instead.

I still have one issue left with the instructions. What is the “URL of the exposed RabbitMQ service in your Rasa X deployment” that I am supposed to supply in the endpoints.yml file?