What characters not te be uses in response names?

(re-edited 20210714 14:16: underscore after utter_ should to distinquish it from custom action) I can’t find the answer. Neither in the docs nor on this forum. And all examples I could find use only underscores as seperators.

So, here’s my question: Can all UTF-8 characters be used in uterance/response names, except the “/”?

I want to use spaces to seperate words, f.e. “utter_storing aan printer”

I did some experiment: two utterancenames, one with spaces and the other with dashes:

  1. utter_fijn-gelukt
  2. utter_fijn dat ik kon helpen

No error on validating, no error on training, right respons in shell (CLI).

So, I guess there is no problem when using dashes or spaces in utterences names. Just like I can use spaces in intent names