Weatherbot: How to share the app to multiple users for testing


I tried the weather bot tutorial and created my app on slack. While the results are good, I wonder how do I test the app by sharing it to multiple users? Assume the app is my product, how do I authorize and make it accessible to others in my team? Coz, currently, I use ‘ngrok’ as suggested in the video for the app to communicate to slack. When it comes to multiple users, I’m not sure how it would work.

Has anyone tried implementing this?

you can create a channel and add the channel name to the config

@akelad I have not tried to implement what you have suggested here. But, say, if I have to integrate the “weatherbot” (or any other custom bot) to a company’s website, can I just use Chat & Voice platforms and do it (Open source?), Or is there a paid version of Slack that I need to subscribe to?

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nope you can just do it