Using Slack 2.3.1 with Rasa

I’m building a bot on slack and installed Rasa’s newest version using pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url Simple Index which installs slackclient==1.3.1 version. I’m currently using slackclient==2.3.1 version and am unable to have a environment that works. Is anyone else facing similar problems with the slack version?


You can see that both versions of slack are currently installed in the image above. The first one i.e. 2.3.1 is the one that I had installed earlier and the 2nd is the one that got install when i install rasa using the above command.


Now i’m unable to connect to the Slack API. :frowning:

Hi @kvsista, you’re right, rasa is still on 1.3.1. This is why we recommend installing rasa in a venv. What are you using slackclient 2.3.1 for?

The newer version of slack has a redesigned RTMCClient and WebClient which I think would be better to use. Are there any plans for enhancements?

Yes, there is an issue open for updating the slackclient: look into updating to slackclient 2.0 · Issue #3464 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub which i agree needs to be done since apparently support for 1.x drops at the end of the year. I looked briefly into it, and it’s not just a trivial upgrade, pretty sure some things break when upgrading that need to get fixed, but if you’re interested in implementing the upgrade we’d be happy to accept a PR for it.