Using HTTPS in Rasa-X instance using Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine

Hello I’m trying to use HTTPS by adding an SSL to a GKE instance. I’ve tried adding a self signed certificate and added the .pem files to a secret and edited the values.yml as specified by the RASAX documentation.

I’ve also tried manually adding an HTTPS IP to the Load Balancer in Google Cloud.

Can someone who knows how to do this guide me through the process? Ideally if they could hop on a call.

Thank you!!!

I managed to solve the SSL problem by adding a Google-managed certificate at the cluster-level. I’m pretty sure I used the cloud console, i.e. no command-line anything.

Full disclosure: I’ve no idea what I’m doing.

Do you mean you added it as a secret for the yml file that updates the helm chart?

Thanks for the help!!

Do you have a domain or did you use the IP provided by the cluster installation?

Nope. I didn’t specify anything there.

I claimed a static IP like this:

Then I configured an A-record at my 3rd party DNS provider (dnsimple) to point to the static IP.