Using Buttons in Rasa- Improving the User experience


I added a few buttons into the bot I created. It works perfectly when the user clicks on the button but the problem is the bot sends the response line as well (utter_resposne_for_the_question), for example when some one clicks, more info, it shares the response text as well as the notation we used, like utter_response_for_more_info

When a user reads it, it sounds a little unprofessional. Is there any solutions where we can solve it.

Please find the screen of the same for more info.Rasa

you can use the buttons only with text like this

  - title: "See product details"
    payload: 'See product details'
  - title: "whatever you want to put xD"
    payload: 'whatever you want to put xD'  

in your nlu file you need to have an intent that catch that input and when the user click the button only see the text in the payload

Thanks a lot @UlisesVD

can we hide intent here?.. can we show only utter_message ?