User input and action

Below is the scenario,

  • There are many ways to create a job(using a template, fresh )
  • if user input is “create a job”
  • bot should ask which type of job(maybe by providing options or taking direct input from user)
  • action will be opening create a job page(template or fresh as per user input)

I want to implement the bot to perform actions in mobile/web applications. Please suggest the approach, any source code/example will be a great help.


Hi @pfirefly

I’m not quite sure if I understand you correctly but the way I’d suggest is:

  1. Defining the intent “create_job” in your (json otherwise) with ~ 15 sample sentences
  2. Defining the “options” that are suitable for the job creation either by:
    a. enclosing them in the intent-samples with e.g. [template](job)
    b. defining a lookup table which lists all possible options
  3. Creating the FormAction that asks for the job-slot
  4. Modify the “submit”-method that is executed as soon as the form got all necessary content - e.g. by telling it to open the default browser

Be aware if the fact that you might get into trouble with inter-device incompatibilites…

Does that help?


Hi Julian, Thanks for the solution, will try and let you know.