Use custom action to fill in some of the required slots of the form

Is there any problem in the following “stories” file if “action_ocr” is used to fill in some of the required slots in “fee-incitytrip form”?

version: "2.0"
 - story: greet and subscribe
   - intent: greet
   - action: utter_request_image
   - intent: image
   - action: action_ocr
   - action: fee-incitytrip_form
   - active_loop: fee-incitytrip_form

Or do I need to put action “fee-incitytrip_form” before “action_ocr” ? I had checked my domain, stories, nlu, actions, rules and config, but I can’t find the problem. It’s just not working with rasa train, rasa run actions and rasa shell

@AlenChuan If the value of the form depends on the action_ocr then it should mention above or vice-versa and please do check how we mention the form activation and deactivation using stories or rules. Thanks.