Update Rasa tracker

Hello, I have developed the bot which is a travel bot . I want to understand how we can tweak the rasa tracker .

Issue - User says - I want to book a ticket Bot Says - please enter pickup and Destination User enters - MUMBAI to Goa At this stage error occurs at frontend but rasa tracker is updated with the current state and prompted the next question.

I want to update the tracker if frontend returns success. Because of this the complete rasa flow gets disturb ? Is there any way to solve this problem ?

At this stage error occurs at frontend

What are you referring to here? Is this a web widget using the REST or socket channel?

Is there an error in the rasa debug log?

Error can be any frontend error . For example Rasa replied correctly - there is no error in rasa log. But due to some frontend server issue - user was not able to see the rasa response (web widget using REST)

What widget are you using? What do you see in the browser console log and network tab.