Update LiveChat token in Rasa

I want to inregrate Rasa with LiveChat service. I created custom channel connector, but faced one problem. In order to call the LiveChat API, I have to send a specific token in the request. This token must be refreshed every 8 hours through this: Authorizing API calls | LiveChat Platform Docs & API Reference . How can I write something like this in custom channel connector? Or can I write this in Rasa elsewhere?

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Hey @emil.alasgarov. I’m glad to see that someone else is working on integrating Rasa with LiveChat :+1:
I myself have recently started looking into this issue, but I’m still going through the LiveChat platform docs.

I’m curious on how you set up the custom channel connector. Any chance you can share your code?

Hello! I To write my own connector, I started looking at examples at this link: rasa/rasa/core/channels at main · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

You will need to write two classes for handling requests coming to the webhook (InputChannel) and for sending responses to the client (OutputChannel). You can store the session key in a static field of the class.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I assume you handled the expiration of your tokens in a similar manner to what was done for the Microsoft Bot Framework channel connector: