Unsure of best structure for rasa bot


I’m struggling a bit to wrap my head around how best to solve a problem I am facing.

I have a bunch of data which can be summed up as categories:

Cases - These are law cases, and have the usual properties such as ‘Name’, ‘Date’, Citation, but also can have a property called ‘Topic’ which is an array of strings (e.g., ‘negligent misstatement or contract formation’) Topics - These are more complicated and detailed overview of certain legal principles. Cases can be tagged to a specific topic Statutes - Thees are statutes, and have the usual properties such as ‘Title’, ‘Date’, ‘Citation’

I was planning to create three YAML or JSON files which contain all of the data.

I was then planning on creating some intents, using slots and entities so that a user can ask for, e.g., a specific case, all cases associated with a specific topic or a specific topic

I’ve done something similar before using Dialogflow and javascript, but I’m not sure if this is a best way to handle this in rasa. I’m also a little unsure as to how to go about writing the queries which tie an intent to the json file.

Can anyone offer any advice or help?

Thank you!