Unable to reach another action with a clone of the starter-pack

I did this bot with starter-pack-rasa-stack which is able to make two kind of actions through get methods : jokes and booking rooms. If I am able to make him tell me jokes I have issues at making him register a reservations. That is to say it is able to call for the ActionJoke class in actions.py but not for ActionBookRoom class.

Indeed, even if every story call for action_room when provided all details like one can see in this one:

## Generated Story 7889435598882720442
* greet
    - utter_greet
* book_room
    - utter_ask_room
* book_room{"name_room": "blue"}
    - slot{"name_room": "blue"}
    - utter_ask_day
* book_room{"day": "tomorrow"}
    - slot{"day": "tomorrow"}
    - utter_ask_hour_start
* book_room{"hour_start": "10h"}
    - slot{"hour_start": "10h"}
    - utter_ask_duration
* book_room{"duration": "30 min"}
    - slot{"duration": "30 min"}
    - action_room
* goodbye
    - utter_goodbye
    - export

Yet it goes straight to goodbye and I don’t know how I can retrain the model or train it online to make him take into account this new action.

So how can I make the bot doing this new action?

Hey @antoinecomp. Have you updated the NLU model as well as domain of your core model with the details about the new action?

Yes, that was the issue ! Thanks !