Trouble with finding entities

HI! I am new to RASA. I am trying to build a bot that can answer questions about abbreviations. So far quite simple only the ones with more than 2 capitals in a row. An example question would be:

What does EBITDA mean?

To enable this is have connected to a SQL database, and with a custom action find_abbreviation I would like to answer.

The problem is that Rasa is only finding the abbreviations that are provided in the NLU file as example. It does not find others (from the regex expression). It does work for ISBN’s, the regex for that is /d{13}, so 13 digits in a row.


  • regex: ISBN_number examples: |

    • /d{13}
  • regex: Abbreviation examples: |

    • [A-Z]{2,6}
  • intent: find_abbreviation examples: |

    • what does TAT mean?
    • what does SLA mean?
    • what does SAP mean?
    • what does EBITDA mean? … in total 12 examples …


entities: - Abbreviation - ISBN_number … more …

Help on this is really appreciated!!


Hi @Arjan, welcome to the Rasa community forum :slight_smile: Could you please provide some more information to reproduce your issue? Especially, if possible please post your config.yml, domain.yml and your training data (nlu, stories, rules). For better readability, please enclose them in code blocks (using ```). Thanks!

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the quick help!! I have found it in the mean time. I had another entity that had a spelling mistake in the training / entity definition. Looks like that messed the rest up as well. It’s working in the mean time.


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