Trigger an action multiple times

Hi, im making a bot that can tell story. I split up the story into many paragraphs and i have a custom action named tell_story to get a paragraph and send it to the user. I want to trigger the tell_story action continuously and user dont have to type anything.

i’ve tried to solve this by creating a form:

Screenshot from 2021-06-28 23-12-43

And create an action named action_ask_tell_story_form_tell_story which is using to send paragraph index current_story_idx to user. Then trigger continue_story intent to send next paragraph to user if story is not end yet.

And create a rule

Screenshot from 2021-06-28 23-12-30

The request to trigger intent return successfully but in rasa x i dont see any intent is trigger. When i type “continue” it return multiple fallback actions and rasa core warning Circuit breaker tripped. Stopped predicting more actions for sender. Can someone help me? Sorry for my bad english.

@LeDuySon Hi! Can you please share the stories file? Can you count the number of multiple fallback action or even share the screenshot.

The cause of this is FormPolicy and KerasPolicy are stuck in a loop.

You can try this: create stories to deactivate the ongoing form using action_deactivate_form when there’s an intent for another form. Forms and also check this blog

I hope this will help you to solve your issue. good luck!

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Here is my stories file: stories.yml (3.4 KB)

The screenshot in rasa x:

I want to ask that why the request to endpoint of trigger_intent for continue_story intent doesnt work (ActionTellStory) and how to trigger one action multiple times without having user typed anything.

When trigger continue_tell_story intent, rasa x respond: - Answered 404 with index.html. Request url ‘/’: ‘http://localhost:5002/conversations/cf904e6f503c4c8f90f2960f970188d6/trigger_intent

Thanks for your help!!!