Training Rasa 2.0 by http-api - Training-Format Failure?


I just setup a rasa 2.0.3 (based on docker-compose) chatbot and tried to train this about the http-api. My tests are based on example posted in the Documentation (Rasa Open Source Documentation) but it seems not to work as described.

As in the documentation written, the format should be in yaml. If i try to execute this example, the training failes. If I cange it to the “old format” with ## the Training is working (not well for example no lookup tables).

Is there something wrong with my env or is it a bug?

This is my docker-compose.yml

version: ‘3.0’ services: rasa: image: rasa/rasa:2.0.3-full ports: - 5005:5005 volumes: - ./workdir:/app - ./workdir/config:/.config command: - run - --enable-api