Topic change and second further question


Are these scenarios possible?

Topic change: User: Hi Bot: Hi, how can I help you? User: Book please fly from X to Y. Bot: When would you fly? User: Book please a bus from X to Y.

Question: Do all kinds of scenarios have to be written down as a story? Or does the bot recognize during the conversation that it is a new topic? With the flight word, he is now in the Flight Intent, but if the user says Bus, he can switch to BusIntent or does he give back a “I did not understand you”?

Further Quesiton User: Hi Bot: Hi, how can I help you? User: How is the weater in New York tomorrow? Bot: 37° User: And at monday? Bot: ???

Is this szenario possible without write this scenario as this case in the stories? I mean, understands the bot, that the User ask with “And at monday” the same asked question before?


You have to handle all this with stories, yeah.