Timestamp of models trained on Rasa X off?


More out of curiosity:

Training → Update model → Train model mostly works for us. I say mostly because the UI always throws an error but a new model nonetheless appears some time later.

When I look into the models directory on the server I see something like

$ ls -lh models/
-rw------- 1 1001 root 26M Oct  1 15:07 20211001-150509.tar.gz
-rw------- 1 1001 root 26M Oct 13 13:58 20211011-134806.tar.gz

The latest model was trained today 13 October but the file is timestamped 11 October. The Models list in the UI shows the date of the model file (adjusted for summer time).

Where does Rasa take this date from?


This is really weird. The day and time should match your computer’s date and time at the time when training started.

Is your computer’s time correct?

Yes, runs on an AWS instance and the time is correct UTC.

Was wondering if training uses last-modified dates from some files but probably not.

Not happening all the time, will keep an eye on it.

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