Synonyms in query_knowledge_base - How does it work?

Hi all,

We’re struggling to add synonyms for the attributes values in our knowledge base. For example, our knowledge base contains data regarding a restaurant’s opening hours. But how can we add synonyms associated to this particular value?

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 10.00.18

This is how it looks in our NLU:

  - Lemme know about the [openinghours](hotel_restaurants_attribute) in [Belgian Cafe](restaurants_name)?
  - What are the [openinghours](hotel_restaurants_attribute) in [Belgian Cafe](restaurants_name)?
  - Can you tell me about the [openinghours](hotel_restaurants_attribute) in [Belgian Cafe](restaurants_name)?
  - How about the [openinghours](hotel_restaurants_attribute) in [Belgian Cafe](restaurants_name)?

To my presumption, we can only attach synonyms to entity names? In this example, these would be:(hotel_restaurants_attribute) and (restaurants_name). But how can we replicate this for the attribute values which are located in our knowledgebase (example openinghours, name, cuisine, Wi-Fi etc. etc)

Any help is much appreciated!