Starting a story when no intent is recognised

Heya all,

Is there a way to make a story for when no intent is recognised? I’m using Supervised Embeddings (tensorflow basically) and it returns none for unrecognised one word user utterances. I want it to go to a custom action

Just a quick question so I can understand more, do you have a Fallback Policy in your bot?

Heya Abdullatif,

Sorry for not clarifying. Yes, I have TwoStageFallbackPolicy active. However, I don’t want the bot to revert to that policy in a specific story. I’d like to make something like:

jobs not recognized

  • what_jobs_are_there
    • utter_job_list
  • inform{“job”:“electrician”} OR None
    • action_jobs

In this case, the bot would use action_jobs whether it recognised the one word inform, or didn’t recognize an intent (in which case the action would handle the fallback with a UserUtteranceReverted)