STAR Dataset implementation


is there already an implementation of the STAR Dataset with schema-guided dialogues etc. Would love to take a look into this for multi-domain chatbots.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @statimo

Shikib Mehri from CMU has developed such schema guided models, and we used them for the paper. I’ll see to it that they get added to the repo.

We also have some bots on private repos that solve some of the STAR tasks (also multiple tasks simultaneously). Unfortunately, it turned out that despite a lot of effort, we could not get consistent “wizard” behaviour in the STAR dataset, which makes it difficult to use the data directly with Rasa. But the collected dialogues can still work as guides for writing conversations.

In my experience, it was relatively straightforward to use Rasa to build a multi-task assistant from single-task assistants that were entirely rule-based. This is not related to the schemas from the paper, though.

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Thanks a lot, that would be wonderful!

Here are Shikib’s latest schema guided models: