Speech to Text and connect it with Rasa

(Maria Chatzimina) #1

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find how I can create a chatbot that you can speek to it. I saw some implementations about browsers but as I can see firefox doesn’t have a microphone and in my Google Chrome I had problem with the microphone’s permissions. I saw also that you have made a connection with Google Assistant but I would like to connect it with something that is completely free.

Do you know if I can use some sdk or api and how I can create a mobile application with speech to text and then connect it with Rasa? IAny information will be usefull.

Thank you very much

(Nick Opris) #2

Hi, I did this recently and it worked almost perfectly. I used Chrome only which has the option to record your voice and send it to Google for interpretation.

My project is not using voice in the end because it’s running on a closed network and can’t reach Google but otherwise it was fine.

You just need to feed the responses of this into the bot: https://codepen.io/ppozniak95/pen/perezJ