Slot mapping - priority

hello, please let me know how to handle below scenario user statement - self contribution needs to be discontinued In this statement

  • If user gives just contribution - this has certain response
  • If user gives discontinue - this has certain response
  • combination of the two has different response

Hi @MohanSampagaon, your question not clear enough, so please provide more details, but for handling scenarios you can write more stories for every scenario and for that you can use ‘Rasa X’ to generate more stories.

Thanks @wafaa, I have tried putting it below please let me know if that helps

- What is the [[contribution]]((pfcon)) to be made by the employee and employer

- Can I [discontinue](pfdiscon) or [reduce](pfdiscon) the self-contribution

In this case If I ask “discontinue self contribution” - works as expected but “self contribution discontinue” - pfQuery intent is identified

I think @wafaa means quite a lot more detail - we’d need to see the relevant stories, domain, and more training data to be able to see what you’re trying to do here.