Simple way to implement handoff feature with rasa opensource

I was looking for a quick way to set up an implementation of handoff feature through terminal only inorder to built quick demo.

I refer this article How to Build a “Human” Handoff Feature with Rasa It suggests using chatroom for UI, Is there any way can we do it through the terminal like we test chabot using in-shell itself.

Hi @AiDLMLdev, the challenge with doing this through a terminal is that the handoff capability is fundamentally linked to the channel’s capability. You could build a terminal application that allows this, but as soon as you wanted to implement in real life (for actual end users), you’d have to port it to another channel.

Using something like chatroom (or any channel that allows handoff with minimum set up) for local development is probably going to be easier than doing something custom for a terminal application.

However! If you just want to check that your stories behave as expected, you really don’t need the front end, since everything after handoff is not in your bot’s control. You can just get to the point of human handoff, and check that the payload being sent is correct (for your eventual channel). For handing back to a bot, you can inject an intent (simulating what the channel would send to the bot) using external events.