Send extra var besides user's message

I was thinking to send the token in a custom channel and save it in the database as map <session_id , jwt_token> so i can get it every time i call an API but i didn’t figure it how

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Support for message metadata is on our to-do list :slight_smile:


Yes. I am also puzzling over how to send extra data for the custom actions in my server


Hello, any update on how we can send custom data to an action. We are also trying to pass a jwt token for private API communication to a third party. @erohmensing Regards

@danieled check out this post: How to pass metadata in POST request and then extract it?

@erohmensing What if we using Websockets? Do we have a custom connector class that needs to be overwritten?

If you are using websockets, I would assume you would want to overwrite the socketio class. But if you are using some other channel for websockets, then you would add the metadata stuff to that

Thank You, @erohmensing it works now!