Selecting Slot type for the setting the name of "Nursing home"

I am preparing a FAQ bot for old age facilitities. During my conversation, I asked the user “Give me the name of Nursing home your are interested”. After taking the input from user, I validate it against my list of old age facilities. If it exist in my list then i proceed further but if not, then I show the list of available nursing home as buttons in the conversation.

Now here the problem comes. I have defined an intent to get the value of facility. here it is.

I am using the slot with this setting.

slots: title:

type: text
influence_conversation: true
- type: from_entity
  entity: title
  auto_fill: false

The problem is sometimes when bot puts the nursing facility name that is not present in the intent, Then bot fails, does not set the “title” slot and run the action_default_fallback. Can anyone identify and suggest the solution to it?

Kindly help me

We don’t recommend intents to collect a specific intent, instead use a generic inform intent as you can see in our examples (helpdesk-assistant & financial-demo).

Also, I would not use a featurized slot. Set influence_conversation: false and consider using a form where you can also validate the users input.

If there’s a limited set of nursing homes, use a lookup table with the list of valid names.