"Seamlessly Transitioning Chat Control Between Rasa and Meta Business Suite Agents"

I am currently working on integrating Rasa with Meta Business Suite for Facebook Messenger. My goal is to have a smooth handover mechanism where:

1. Rasa’s automated responses are paused when a human agent from Meta Business Suite initiates a conversation with the user.

2. Once the human agent’s interaction concludes, control is handed back to the Rasa bot to resume its automated responses.

I’m seeking guidance on how best to achieve this seamless transition of chat control. Specifically:

  • How can Rasa detect and pause automated interactions upon an agent’s engagement from the Meta Business Suite?
  • What is the recommended approach to revert control back to Rasa after the human agent’s interaction?

Any insights, best practices, or example implementations related to this handover mechanism would be highly valuable.

Thank you in advance for your support.

It’s best not to put Rasa in the middle of the transfers. Instead, do this with your front end or a proxy that sits between the front end and Rasa/Meta Business Suite.

There’s an example in the helpdesk demo here on transferring between two Rasa bots. In this example, the front end is sent a message to perform the transfer between two Rasa bots.

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