REST Endpoint Design

Hi, I was trying to use the REST Endpoint connector that is enabled by default. And it works fine. However I want to understand two things -

  1. When we sent the message payload as below -
    "sender": "dummy1",
    "message": "any Japanese restaurant"

internally does the Rasa core use “dummy1” as the conversation id and then manage the context of this conversation using this conversation id ?

  1. where can I see the implementation of the end point /webhooks/rest/webhook ?

@utsuk.prani Hi. For you second point: If you want to see the code implementation go to your environment and follow this link :

"your env">lib>site-packages>rasa>core>channels>rest.RestInput

I hope this will help you and solve your doubt.

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for the 1st question, Rasa does use this sender as sender id which is eventually how it manages to continue the conversation.

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@utsuk.prani If you don’t want to find locally, you can check here on Rasa github

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