Rest api implementation

Hey @tonysinghmss you can get the documentation here:

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Thanks. The documentation page should have a direct link to this in the left side drawer.

@tonysinghmss that isn’t the rasa api but rather the webhook for your input channel, so it would be confusing if it were on the HTTP API page. But we are planning on making the REST channel more prominent.

Yes please make it more prominent as I had to search the web to get the details of the REST api link. This cost me almost half a day. Thanks anyways.

Hi, Your custom UI works great. Thanks for that. But I need to run rasa on a remote server with GPU so that custom actions involving processing works well. How could I run rasa on something like host =‘’ so that rasa and custom actions run on that server and I can use this UI to access the remote server. Any help would be appreciated.


But using ip address to make api call from another machine with the command “”" curl -XPOST http://ip_address:5001/webhooks/rest/webhook -d ‘{“sender”: “rohith”, “message”: “hello”}’ “”" it is not responding.can any one tell me whats going here.thanks it shows the following curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 5001: Connection timed out