Rest api implementation

Hey @tonysinghmss you can get the documentation here:

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Thanks. The documentation page should have a direct link to this in the left side drawer.

@tonysinghmss that isn’t the rasa api but rather the webhook for your input channel, so it would be confusing if it were on the HTTP API page. But we are planning on making the REST channel more prominent.

Yes please make it more prominent as I had to search the web to get the details of the REST api link. This cost me almost half a day. Thanks anyways.

Hi, Your custom UI works great. Thanks for that. But I need to run rasa on a remote server with GPU so that custom actions involving processing works well. How could I run rasa on something like host =‘’ so that rasa and custom actions run on that server and I can use this UI to access the remote server. Any help would be appreciated.


But using ip address to make api call from another machine with the command “”" curl -XPOST http://ip_address:5001/webhooks/rest/webhook -d ‘{“sender”: “rohith”, “message”: “hello”}’ “”" it is not responding.can any one tell me whats going here.thanks it shows the following curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 5001: Connection timed out

Hi all @JiteshGaikwad @erohmensing @tonysinghmss When I hit the url “http://localhost:5001/webhooks/rest/webhook” in postman I am getting blank response. Kindly pls help. PFA of postman and cmd

hey @iampkk, the problem is in your request body, just change it from Text to JSON

Thank you for the reply @JiteshGaikwad I tried changing it to JSON, still the same problem persists.

@JiteshGaikwad I got my mistake. It was a silly mistake. In JSON “message:” had capital M. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hi guys. I want to know if anyone of you has tried to implement this with android studio application. If so can someone please share their code because I don’t know where to start.

Hi, were you able to get through this? How did you connect to the assistant remotely? Thanks in advance!

@JiteshGaikwad Can you please suggest how to access the assistant remotely?

Connect remotely? Can you explain what do you mean by that. And is your bot on deployed or in localhost?

@athenasaurav Thanks for the response!

The bot is deployed using the One-line-deployment process on a virtual machine. So, earlier when the bot was in the local, using ‘rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug’ helped and I was able to access the APIs. But I am not sure how do I access the assistant through the APIs once the assistant is deployed. For example: http://ip_address:5005 does not respond with health status of server and instead says connection refused.

Hello @Saylee, You can use this link to use it from GCP.

First you have to get bearer token using POST request

http://<your ip>/api/auth

the body of the api/auth should be in RAW JSON format like this:

          "username": "your admin name probably if you have used rasa masterclass 9 video then it will be <me>",
          "password": "your password for rasa x instance"

Then you will get a bearer token in response, you have to add this bearer token in authentication. After this if you wanna chat with your bot you do a POST request to :

http://<your ip>/api/chat

Message format is :

        "message": "your msg"

If you want to use rest channel then in yourGCP edit the credentials.yml. In there by default, you will find

  url: ${RASA_X_HOST}/api 

simply add at the bottom


then you can access the rest by contacting port 80 on your VM like this


Please follow the first link of documentations to do various other things like uploading NLU, stories or domain file etc.

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Thanks @athenasaurav a ton!! I will try it out and update! Well, this might sound a dumb question, but the IP address to be given should be an external IP address, right? It wont work with internal IP?

Hi @Saylee, yes it should be external IP address. also if you find these solution useful and working mark them as solution so that other can get help from this. If not let me know what issue you faced.

@athenasaurav yes! sure! will keep you posted!

@athenasaurav , I tried getting auth token with http:///api/auth but I got 500 internal server error. { “version”: “0.28.3”, “status”: “failure”, “message”: “See the server logs for more information.”, “reason”: “The server encountered an internal error and cannot complete the request.”, “details”: {}, “help”: null, “code”: 500 }

I am not sure where to get server logs either… :frowning_face: