Remove Intent label for avoiding Intent overfitting?

I alway hear the advice to remove the Intent label for avoiding Intent overfitting while training just the NER_CRF. Now, I hope I am doing right if I just replace the label with “”?

        "text": "I need help with ticket",
        "intent": "",
        "entities": [
          {"start": 18, "end": 27, "value": "ticket", "entity": "ticket"}

I have the feeling that Intent gets just None

lease feel free to answer.:grin:

I would label it with e.g. out_of_scope

Is this wrong to labe it with a blank? I don’t want to label them as it is for training just the NER_CRF. Labeling it with out_of_scope would train the intent classifier, right?

But giving just `` to the label does not train the classifier?

@amn41 said this several times in the github issue repo

blank string should work

blank string not work,and I have no good way to solve this problem.How to remove intent label for advice Intent overfitting.

Which format do you use? In markdown format it doesn’t work

{ “text”: “I need help with ticket”, “intent”: “”, “entities”: [ {“start”: 18, “end”: 27, “value”: “ticket”, “entity”: “ticket”} ] } this doesn’t work

what do you mean it doesn’t work? could you please post an error log