Reminding the user about a particular text passed by them at a particular time

Hello everyone,

I am able to set a reminder for predefined text using ReminderScheduled() by using the following:

ReminderScheduled( “action_Pass_Perform”, + timedelta(seconds=10),name=None, kill_on_user_message=False, timestamp=None)]

However, is it possible to remind a specific text mentioned by the user at a particular time of their interest? How can we extract this specific text by modifying the above command?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @nike,

you can run use the reminder to run a custom action. In this custom action you could then get the desired text from the conversation tracker. Also, you could set the text which you want to notify about as an unfeaturized slot as soon as you’re recording the message.

Maybe you can give us some more information about your use case / setup :slight_smile:

Hi @Tobias_Wochinger,

Thank you for your response!

I would like to give more information about my setup by describing the following:

If the user asks the bot “Please remind me to take the paracetamol at 6 pm” .

I went through the duckling documentation but wasn’t able to understand. Is it possible using ReminderScheduled() or Duckling is required?

Please could you help me out with this?


You would use duckling to extract the time (6pm) and then a custom action in which you schedule the timer.