Regarding rasa multibots

Hello there , I am trying to run the following repository (GitHub - paschmann/rasa-ui: Rasa UI is a frontend for the Rasa Framework) and i am trying to create multi bots ,so i can successfully create multi bots and train it ,but the issue which i am facing is the bot is responding only for one time but the one major drawback is i can load only one model at a time (any suggestions like how can i modify this to load multibots and multimodel in other words u can say want my diff bots to work together at same point of time ) and the main issue which i am facing is the bot is able to respond only for once

as you can see in the above screenshot and sometimes after 40-50 seconds it responding with wrong action , any suggestions will be helpful on this

hey @Beherasaptami, did you got any error or something such as in terminal?

@JiteshGaikwad see the below screenshot of ui

but when i text something after that you can see m not getting any response from rasa(but it’s going to right intent) and in terminal it’s showing no next action but have feeded action these whole ui is in node.js and i am very much new to node.js so i am unable to figure out the issue is actually from rasa or from ui see the attached screenshot of terminal

@Beherasaptami Can you please tell me how you run this RASA UI in your system because after executing npm start in terminal prompt I am facing the below error

node server/server.js

2020-04-20 11:21:21.400|rasa-ui|info|Rasa UI Server: http://localhost:5001; 2020-04-20 11:21:21.437|rasa-ui|info|Database connected!; 2020-04-20 11:21:21.445|rasa-ui|info|Schema version v3.0.1 matches package.json schema version v3.0.1; 2020-04-20 11:21:23.450|rasa-ui|info|Rasa Server: http://localhost:5005; 2020-04-20 11:21:23.451|rasa-ui|error|–> Unable to connect to Rasa Server: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED;

hey @vishnunahak231 you need to run rasa server as well the error which you are getting because u haven’t started your rasa server

How to start rasa server can you please tell me the command

I have changed the rasa endpoint into config file.

“config”: {

"rasa_endpoint": "http://localhost:5005",

"loglevel": "info",

"jwtsecret": "mysecret",

"admin_username": "admin",

"admin_password": "admin",

"db_schema": "3.0.1",

"db_autoupdate": "true"


But still, I am facing the issue can you please tell me all steps to run this repository for rasa UI?

hey @vishnunahak231 , you need to run this command rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug along with npm start

Still facing the same issue can you please send me the backup file of this rasa ui project which is working in your system? Please send me the zip file of this project on

@Beherasaptami Thanks it’s working now.

@vishnunahak231 :blush: let me know whether your bot is able to respond properly i mean in my case bot is responding properly only for once so want to know whether this issue is for u too or not


@Beherasaptami In my case also bot is responding properly only for once.

Hey , any update on the above issue

Hey @Beherasaptami, sorry was busy with other work, didn’t got time to Check that will check today and let you know😅

hey @JiteshGaikwad i was tried running rasa shell --debug some time it’s showing there is no memorised next action you can see the below screenshot but have feeded actions to it

hey @Beherasaptami, sorry for the late reply but I am facing the issue initially i.e I can’t see the chat UI :sweat_smile:

Attaching the screenshot:

@JiteshGaikwad there are few steps involved here to reach till chats :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. you need to create bot by hiting bots as you can see in the below image (you need to add bot name and config same as rasa and you need to save it ) 2.Need to add intent and entity (manually) and save it see the below screenshot
  2. add some response (same as rasa actions )
  3. you need to add stories 4.You need to train the model (by hitting start training )
  4. you need to load the model
  5. lastly chat will be initiated and in drop down u will get the bot which u have created and finally u will be able to chat with your bot

hey @Beherasaptami, Thanks. I will try those steps and let you know :slight_smile: