Record Button response from Adaptive cards in Teams

HI Forum, How to attach respective intent(s) to the buttons (in adaptive cards), so that next action can be triggered!? To rephrase how to record the ‘Intent’, when a user presses the buttons in the Adaptive cards in Teams!

I could easily do that with defining ‘Intent’ value to ‘payload’ using below code-

 dispatcher.utter_message(text="Please make your selection-", buttons = [
               {type: 'messageBack', **"payload": "/Intent1",** "title": "Button1"},
               {type: 'messageBack', **"payload": "/CIntent2"**, "title": "Button2"},

But as we know, to render these adaptive cards in Teams API , one needs to pass custom_json_payload in the, the one in my case is-

dispatcher.utter_message(json_message = nm)
 nm = {
        "attachments": [
            "contentType": "application/",
            "content": {
                "type": "AdaptiveCard",
                 "version": "1.0",
                "body": [
                    "type": "TextBlock",
                     "text": "So, would you like to programme?",
                 "actions": [
                     "type": "Action.Submit",
                     "title": "Button1",
                     "type": "Action.Submit",
                     "title": "Button2"

Please suggest any solutions! Thanks in advance!

Base on this answer and your answer on Stackoverflow. I post an new answer with update in same SO question