Reaching out to the user - how to set it up with rasa x

Following the docs I want to setup Rasa X so that my chatbot responds to a user connecting with a message.

I am a bit overwhelmed how to do this. Do I need to configure rasa x in some way so that an intent is send on initial connect? If so, how do I do this? Or, is there already a preconfigured intent that the chatbot could just respond to?


There are different ways to accomplish this. How will your users interact with the bot? Will this be a widget on a website (chatroom or the botfront/rasa-webchat widget)?

In the first step I want to set it up when I share the assistant using rasa x. So basically what you get when you go to models and press the share icon.

Right now it is just internally for some usability testings. After this I might move to webchat or chatroom. For now, i am just interested in finding out how it can be done with the built-in chat from rasa x

There is a share button in rasa-x you can refer here to implement it @mauricetk

Thanks. I found the button.

I am looking to set it up such that the bot will send out a first message when a user connects to it. With chatbot and co you have to set up the initial payload intent. This will be send to the NLU model and you can write a rule that sends out an utterance. But I am clueless how to reach this in the chat from rasa-x.

Would you know?

No, the share your bot feature does not support this. The two widgets I mentioned above can do that.

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