RasaX with FAQs in responses.md not working

I have everything working in Google Cloud, Docker, hooked up to Github. Everything was working. Then I changed the code to user the newer way of doing FAQs - in a separate responses.md file using

  • faq
    • respond_faq as a story

responses.md is in the same data directory with stories.md and nlu.md.

It works locally, but not on the server. Do I need to do something to get Rasa X on the server to pull in the responses.md file and recognize its contents?

yes i do face the same problem

Are you training the model using Rasa X UI? If so, the response selector is experimental feature and still not fully integrated with Rasa X.

Try uploading the locally trained model and using it. It should work. More details at Rasa X can't find Response Selector data