RasaX:ValueError: Unable to train on data containing retrieval intents

Hi, all. I met a question when I train model with Rasa X, and the bug info is as follows:

I am doubt that Rasa X is not available with retrieval intents? Thank you !

Version info: Rasa: 1.7.0 Rasa X: 2.5.0

Hi, you’ve run into a limitation. We haven’t yet made the ‘train’ button in Rasa X compatible with retrieval intents. A workaround is to train a model elsewhere and upload it to Rasa X.

Hi, stephens, do you have a plan develop this in feature version. If it is in development, could you tell therelease version, thank you.

My understanding is that we will get round to fixing this, but it’s not top priority at the moment.