Rasax cannot be started when having multi projects

I used the MultiProjectImporter to support 3 projects in my Rasa projects, when I attempted to use the RasaX, it gave me the error:

This directory is not a valid Rasa project. Use ‘rasa init’ to create a new Rasa project or switch to a valid Rasa project directory (see http://rasa.com/docs/rasa/user-guide/rasa-tu torial/#create-a-new-project).

Does the RasaX support multi projects feature or not?

Hi @pngfei at the moment Rasa X doesn’t support the MultiProjectImporter, no. It’s still an experimental feature, however we may support this in future


Hi, is there any update regarding the multi-project import/support and Rasa-x?

Hi @ScienceGuy no, there’s no support for this yet