RASA X to github integration and data saving

Hi friends, I hope you all are doing well. kindly guide me about adding GitHub option to my rasa x screen. A branch icon that is seen above me at bottom left. secondly i want my bot to take data from user and store it somewhere inside it and then use it later on.

@nik202 need help

@Qaisar_Azeemi Well, Github only be available for server installation, not on a local machine :frowning: If you have a server then I can suggest the solution. Ref: Deploy Your Assistant

I have local machine. but if i use it on Google cloud. will it come automatically with it?

@Qaisar_Azeemi I’m afraid no, you need to create the VM instance on Cloud and then need to install the Rasa X on that instance, then you will be able to see the Github link.

It is up to you how you want to install it, but I will highly recommend using Rasa X 0.42.4 or 0.42.5 if you are just exploring Rasa X.

Alright. What about user input.

@Qaisar_Azeemi In which context?

@nik202 i want to get name email weight and height as user input via my bot. save it somewhere and use it again for the user.



not get you at all? can you please elaborate more, its best for us if you can provide some generic examples.

@nik202 le say my bot ask name from the user. user reply with ‘John’ . now bot should reply “Hey John, tell me your weight.”


@Qaisar_Azeemi Yes, you can archive this use case by using forms.

Please see this reference thread: rasa-3.x-form-examples/domain.yml at main · RasaHQ/rasa-3.x-form-examples · GitHub [Rasa 3.x]

Here the bot is asking the user’s first name and returning with mentioned name with the next question. You can easily customize as per your use case :slight_smile:

I hope this will help you.