Rasa X not working after model is loaded

Hello Team!. After a lot of struggle I was finally able to install Rasa X in a server using the Ephemeral installer and upgrade it so it uses Rasa X 1.1.0 and Rasa Open Source 3.1.0

After this, I’ve proceeded to upload the basic mood chatbot which was trained with Rasa Open Source 3.1.0, but when I go to the conversation tab, it doesn’t work. I could see a Console error saying (422, unprocessable entity).

From the logs, I’ve found this:

But honestly I cannot understand it, I have Rasa X 1.1.0, how is it possible that it does not support Rasa Open Source 3.1.0? Here’s the instance info:


Here’s the “.yml” file I used for creating the instance:


Any help would be strongly appreciated.


Well, apparently what was missing from my side after re-training locally with scipy 1.7.3 and uploading back to Rasa X was to refresh the browser’s cache. Now it’s working :slight_smile: