Rasa X message via API trigger not showing in Webchat


I used postman to trigger message using API /conversations/{conversation id}/messages, it shown in Rasa X platform:

But when I use Webchat plugin, it only shows those I type in the chat room, although able to send and retrieve the info using rasa x conversation API:

I’m very confident the conversation id is correct, and session persistent is true.

Any idea why?

I’ve been poking around a bit & it looks like it might be related to this webchat issue: Cannot send / receive message from RASA · Issue #381 · botfront/rasa-webchat · GitHub

Given that it’s working in Rasa X it sounds like it might be specific to the frontend & I’d probably ask the webchat folks.

Actually I’ve tested on MS Teams, its the same with rasa-webchat too, couldn’t show messages appended to the conversation.

Also tried Telegram, it only work on Telegram.