Rasa X is not working on my Linux Ubuntu OS

@Qaisar_Azeemi Alright. Few Pointers and you will be able to install on Ubuntu Machine.

Rasa X in the future will be deprecated may be in the coming weeks for the local machines, as it meant for servers only. Ref: Installation Guide

If you want to use Rasa X it will not be able to connect with Github as it only works on the Server installation.

Few pointers for you:

  1. Create a Fresh environment using Python 3.7 or 3.8.
  2. Activate the env
  3. Install Rasa Open source (if there are any dependencies please resolve or share with me)
  4. Try to install Rasa X 0.39.3 which is more stable.

You can Ref this thread for errors and solutions please only its based on Windows: Rasa X runs with several Errors & Warnings - #2 by nik202

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