Rasa X 0.42 not running on Win10 locally

A fresh install of Rasa X 0.42 gives me a time-out like this

(.venv) C:\Users\a1146056\RasaGit\rasamodel>rasa x --domain domain
2021-08-11 13:01:37 WARNING  rasa.shared.utils.common  - The conditional response variation feature is currently experimental and might change or be removed in the future 🔬 Please share your feedback on it in the forum (http://forum.rasa.com) to help us make this feature ready for production.
Starting Rasa X in local mode... 🚀
2021-08-11 13:01:47 WARNING  rasax.community.services.insights.insight_service  - No local evaluation result files found.
2021-08-11 13:01:47 WARNING  rasa.shared.utils.common  - The conditional response variation feature is currently experimental and might change or be removed in the future 🔬 Please share your feedback on it in the forum (http://forum.rasa.com) to help us make this feature ready for production.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasa\cli\x.py", line 496, in run_locally
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\local.py", line 257, in main
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\utils\common.py", line 900, in run_in_loop
    return loop.run_until_complete(coro)
  File "C:\Users\a1146056\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38\lib\asyncio\base_events.py", line 616, in run_until_complete
    return future.result()
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\services\model_service.py", line 821, in discover_models
    await model_service.discover_models()
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\services\model_service.py", line 147, in discover_models
    await _run_loop(max_retries, sleep_in_seconds)
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\services\model_service.py", line 133, in _run_loop
    await self._discover_models()
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\services\model_service.py", line 185, in _discover_models
    minimum_version = await self._retry_fetching_minimum_compatible_version()
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\services\model_service.py", line 174, in _retry_fetching_minimum_compatible_version
    minimum_version = await self.minimum_compatible_version()
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\services\model_service.py", line 160, in minimum_compatible_version
    info = await stack_service.version()
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\rasax\community\services\stack_service.py", line 107, in version
    response = await session.get(
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\aiohttp\client.py", line 619, in _request
  File "c:\users\a1146056\appdata\local\rasa\.venv\lib\site-packages\aiohttp\helpers.py", line 656, in __exit__
    raise asyncio.TimeoutError from None

Sorry, something went wrong (see error above). Make sure to start Rasa X with valid data and valid domain and config files. Please, also check any warnings that popped up.
If you need help fixing the issue visit our forum: http://forum.rasa.com/.

I already tried to increase the timeout in console.py from 10 to 30 seconds, but that didn’t help, the error pops up before 30 seconds are expired - the tip was from Rasa x is not working on windows 10 - #59 by nik202

Rasa Versions gives

Rasa Version      :         2.8.2
Minimum Compatible Version: 2.8.0
Rasa SDK Version  :         2.8.1
Rasa X Version    :         0.42.0
Python Version    :         3.8.10
Operating System  :         Windows-10-10.0.18363-SP0

rasa train did work however, so the config and NLU files seem to be good.

Thank you for any tips you might have.

@raoulvm please your rasa-x==0.39.3 and rasa=2.8.1 and rasa-sdk==2.8.1

you will see some know errors such as:

ImportError: cannot import name ‘RowProxy’ from ‘sqlalchemy.engine’ try running pip install SQLAlchemy==1.3.22

Please try.

Hi @nik202 I didn’t get you.

I should try downgrading torasa ==2.8.1 with X == 0.39 ?

@raoulvm you need to downgrade rasa to 2.8.1

pip install rasa==2.8.1

@raoulvm you need to downgrade rasa-sdk to 2.8.1 as its already same, but still install rasa-sdk to 2.8.1

pip install rasa-sdk==2.8.1

@raoulvm you need to downgrade rasa-x to 0.39.3

pip install rasa-x==0.39.3 --extra-index-url https://pypi.rasa.com/simple

I’d recommend to create the fresh env python 3.8 and then install and follow the above steps. If you encountered any error do share.

@raoulvm Hey, are you able to solve this?

Hi @nik202 yes, took more forensics than planned. There is a change in line #92 of rasax.community.services.stack_service.py where the default time_out is changed from None to 1.0 seconds, which seems too low if the rasa open source server is currently starting on the same low end laptop. If you change it back to None it will run again. I have a contact at Rasa look into that one.

@raoulvm I’m sorry not get you on this, if you able to solve the issue that’s great, I’d request please close this thread with the solution. Thanks.

Will do once it is sufficiently resolved. As a company with a service contract we will not change the Rasa X code, we will have Rasa do that - and then I will close the issue here!

@raoulvm Make sense and good luck with your project.

Was informed by Rasa customer team that there is a 0.42.x patch at the gates which fixes the timeout (via environment variable) and the sanic and sanic-jwt version dependencies.

Should be shipped any day now, @nik202

@raoulvm Thanks for the valuable information Raoul.

Has been fixed in rasa-x==0.42.2.

For Windows PCs, set environment variable RASA_VERSION_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS=60 to avoid getting stuck in the timeout. Mac version might throw an exception if the model loads slower than 1 sec, but survives and tries again.

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@raoulvm Hi thanks for the share Raoul, Any steps for the users how they will set the environment or new need to update in some file ?

To set the environment variable:


  • type envirnment in the Cortana search bar next to the Windows Start Menu symbol and choose “Environment Variables for this user” (or similar, I am currently on a Mac) and add the variable in the dialogue,
  • Or if you are using a classic cmd shell “batch script” you can use SET RASA_VERSION_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS=60 before calling RASA X

Google is your friend here.